Praise for The Practitioner’s Guide…

“For nonprofit chief executives who are ready for more engaged and purposeful boards and for board members who want to work more meaningfully and be true partners in leadership, Trower shows the way. She brings Governance as Leadership to life with case studies, theoretical frameworks, board exercises, and practical advice.”

— Susan Whealler Johnston, Executive Vice President
Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB)

“A stimulating and thought-provoking read, The Practitioner’s Guide to Governance as Leadership challenges readers to consider the psycho-social dynamics of boards that impede – or fuel – stronger board engagement and performance.  It is ‘brain candy’ to all who think critically about governance and what makes boards tick.”

— Anne Wallestad, President & CEO

“Trower offers nonprofit boards a clearer and broader lens than heretofore available for addressing the challenges and opportunities confronting the institutions they oversee. The greatest takeaway is the critical importance of the oft-overlooked generative mode of the board – the ‘learning and discerning’ that are not just nice-to-do but absolutely essential for effective board governance in these volatile, complex and uncertain times.”

— Jan Bellack, President and John Hilton Knowles Professor
MGH Institute for Health Professions

“It has never been more critical than it is today for nonprofits to engage their boards in ways that capture the full talent, experience and resources of those who govern the work. Yet, too often, we see organizations facing a substantial board-engagement gap. Trower shares the pathway forward for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders seeking to transform their boards in ways that will have an exponential impact on everything from strategy to fundraising. I’ve learned much from Trower’s work on board leadership over the years – I’m thrilled she’s now sharing it broadly through this valuable new resource for our sector.”

— Robert B. Acton, Executive Director NY
Taproot Foundation

“It is only through the leadership of strong boards that organizations can advance their missions. Giving boards the tools and practical advice they need to become best in class is essential to the strength of our nonprofit sector. Trower has done this in writing this practitioner’s guide.”

— Katie Sloan, COO & Senior Vice President
Leading Age

“Trower has hit the nail on the head in terms of the need for contemporary not-for-profit governance to transform itself. This is a must read for boards of directors of the sector because we are clearly in a new era of a need to refocus on our responsibility for the public good, the transparent way in which we fulfill that mission, and our accountability for the results we should achieve as stewards of the human and financial resources for which we are responsible. And, it all begins in the board room!”

— Larry Minnix, President & CEO

“Trower has done a masterful job of weaving the groundbreaking theories presented by the authors of Governance as Leadership into an inspiring and practical ‘how to’ guide for those of us on the ground who know the future hinges on the capacity of nonprofit board-executive teams to lead with skill, innovation, and strategic insight.”

— Mary Ellen Jackson, Executive Director
New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits

“The Practitioner’s Guide was motivated by Cathy’s experience working with nonprofit boards that were passionate for excellence, eager to improve, and hungry for ‘how-to’ steps.”